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About Sparklelily

Sue Sutton is the creator of Sparklelily Jewels

At Bastion Square, in the heart of Victoria, enjoying great live music on a sunny day.

I am Edmonton-born, but was living in Costa Rica from 2012-2016. There, I'd built and run an eco-lodge in the rainforest, and in addition to the cooking and teaching yoga in the nearby village, was making very simple earrings as a rainy day hobby - and there were many, many rainy days. It was fun to have an outlet for my creativity, and on travels to Canada, Guatemala and Mexico I came back with lovely stones to play with. A local shop sold some of my work, and I sold a few things to visitors in our little jungle lodge. But it wasn't until my return to live in Victoria, BC, that I decided that making jewelry was something I might like to pursue more seriously.

It started with entry in an art show in Sidney BC in early 2017, and bit by bit has grown into a full-time occupation.  Most of what I know I have learned from some wonderful jewelry tutors online (at the University of YouTube, as I like to call it), and trial and error at the bench. I'm also grateful to some of my customers who have challenged me to grow - to the question "Can you make this?" my answer is often, "No, but I'll figure it out".

Update: It's now 2022, and while there have certainly been challenges over the past couple of years, Sparklelily continues to grow. I've been fortunate to have something creative to keep myself occupied during these interesting times.


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